District 64 History Quiz

District 64 History Quiz:

1. Who was the first A.A. member in the Fox Valley Area?

2. Where was the first A.A. meeting held?

3. When and where did the first A.A. club open in the Fox Valley Area?

4. When and where was the Fox Valley Fellowship Center opened?

5. What was our original A.A. district number assigned to us by the New York office?

6. What is the oldest item in the Distract 64 Archive?

7. What is the earliest addition of “The Big Book” that District 64 possesses?

8. What is the oldest directory District 64 has?

9. What is the oldest flyer?

10. What is the strangest thing the District 64 Archives has?

11. When did District 64 host the NIA Big Book conference?

Note: The information in this quiz is correct to the best of our ability. There is little collaborated information in the Archive. Most of what we have is anonymous third party sources supplying information that is incorrect. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy the quiz.


1. Joe M. – Joe got sober in October 1940ish.’ He was a lifelong resident of Aurora and owned a butcher shop. Initially, Joe had to go into the city of Chicago for meetings. He started the first A.A. meeting in Aurora sometime after that.

2. The first group originally met at 4 E Galena Ave and then moved to the corner of Downer Place and Stolp Ave.

3. The Aurora Alano Club opened in the early 1950’s and was located at Galena & River. In 1958, the club moved to 13 ½ N. Broadway and in 1971 to Stolp Ave.

4. The FVFC originally opened in 1978 at 1780 N Farnsworth.

5. In 1979 — We were originally designated as District 6. We eventually became District 60 (in 1985) which broke into 4 new districts in 1992: Districts 61(St Charles), 62(Yorkville/Plano/Boulder Hill), 63(Aurora) and 64(Aurora). As of this writing (2021) District 63 has been combined with District 64 as they were not able to fill enough positions.

6. The oldest thing we have is: Bill’s Visiting Schedule for a special service conference in Chicago – 1951.

7. 1st addition 4th printing

8. The oldest directory with a date is fall 1977 and it covers “Northern Illinois.” It has meeting from DeKalb all the way to Westmont! We have one other really old directory with no date that I suspect is from about the same time period. It has meetings for the FVFC listed so it has to be from at least 1978. The book covers “District 6.”

9. Oldest is: First Annual Big Book Conference – Oct 22, 1994 from 9am to 4:30pm – at the Holiday Inn in Naperville – hosted by district 40

10. A proxy vote form for a company’s upcoming stock owners meeting.

11. October 27, 2007 – NIA 14th annual Big Book conference at: Westminster Presbyterian Church.